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  List of IPSHR Inspected Horses   

To find the possible Inspection locations please visit the FEIT Website


Being a Sport Horse is more than just saying you are. Sign up for the 2008 Inspection Tour! Federated Equine Inspection Tours


FEIT is an open inspection tour which utilizes USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) R-rated judges. Theses judges hold many different breed and discipline cards and are as capable as their European counter parts at identifying correct movement, type and suitability. Sport Horse, Park-Carriage and Utility divisions are offered.

For further information please call Kayla Hagel 612-940-4998


Please fill out the form below only if you are seriously considering attending.

This form will help us to gather data to set up sites.


This is NOT the sign up form!

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I can arrange an indoor inspection facility  (12 horses are needed for Judge booking)

I can arrange a facility and have a horse(s) that would attend 

Number of horses that I have that will attend 

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