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 IPSHR strongly recommends that solid horses be bred to lp and/or patterned colored horses.


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Fun Fact:

The Pintaloosa  is the hardest coat

pattern to produce

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A PINTALOOSA shall be defined as any horse which is the result of breeding a Pinto or Paint horse to an Appaloosa horse.  The pintaloosa horse may exhibit only pinto or appaloosa markings, both types of markings, or no markings at all.  IPSHR requires proof of appaloosa lineage if appaloosa coloring (Lp or PATN) is not visible.

To maintain registration with IPSHR, Pintaloosa breeding horses must be bred to any Appaloosa or another Pintaloosa. 

See registration categories below.



This horse exhibits both Pinto and Lp Patterns


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Pintaloosa registration categories

**This horse does not need to be any defined breed**

Type A   Pintaloosa Horse

This horse will exhibit the pattern of the pinto and the appaloosa.


Type B  Pinto Pattern Horse

This horse will exhibit the Pinto Pattern only.  This horse may have a lp patn (appaloosa) parent and a pinto parent or have a Pintaloosa parent. A horse that shows no characteristics of the lp or patn (appaloosa) horse maybe eligible to be registered Pinto.

Type C Appaloosa Pattern Horses  This horse will exhibit the Lp and Patn pattern only. This horse must have a lp patn (appaloosa)  parent or be out of a Pintaloosa.

Type D Non Pattern This horse is out of two patterned parents but shows no lp patn (appaloosa) or pinto patterns

Do you have a great photo of your pintaloosa horse you would like to share with us?  Click Here and attach your photo