appaloosa sport horse registry-International Pattern Sport Horse Registry welcomes you!
Appaloosa, Pinto & Pintaloosa Sport Horses, these are the horses of the IPSHR
We are a registry for the most colorful Sport Horses and Ponies in the World.
Horses of all breeds carrying the LP and PATN Genes are registered here.
 Foundation Appaloosas, Knabstruppers, POA's, Stonewall Horses, Pintaloosa, Pintos
 all patterned horses are welcome! We maintain different books and categories for colors and breeds.


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Being a Sport Horse is more than just saying you are. Sign up for the 2008 Inspection Tour! Federated Equine Inspection Tours

FEIT is an open inspection tour which utilizes USEF (United States Equestrian Federation) R-rated judges. Theses judges hold many different breed and discipline cards and are as capable as their European counter parts at identifying correct movement, type and suitability. Sport Horse, Park-Carriage and Utility divisions are offered.

All of the horses registered with IPSHR are eligible to be inspected by FEIT USEF-R rated judges!



Congratulations to Custom Design

USDF Region 4 at 1st Level with an AMAZING 70.323%!


Midwest Regional Championships at 1st Level!


 CSDEA at 1st and 2nd Level!




 FEIT High Merit Inspection Horses


Copper Coated Design

LP Patterned Sport Filly

Blue -1st Premium

High Merit 8.144




Legendary Design

LP Patterned Sport Stallion

Red-2nd Premium

High Merit 7.840




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2007 Pinto Patterned Stallions



2007 Pinto Patterned Stallions



2007 Pinto Patterned Stallions






2007 Pinto Patterned Stallions

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Appaloosa sporthorse Bimbo and his owner, rider and trainer Shareen Percell

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The International Pattern Sporthorse Registry was formed by several Appaloosa enthusiasts whose primary interest was in breeding Lp-patterned horses that were potentially able to compete successfully in the sport horse disciplines against traditional warmbloods.


IPSHR is an inclusive registry for patterned horses and does not discriminate against specific breeds. Horses registered with IPSHR can be solid or patterned, as long as at least one parent is a verifiable patterned horse.  There are three pattern types accepted by IPSHR:

  • Lp-pattern: Appaloosa or Knabstrupper type markings.

  • Pinto pattern: Tobiano, Overo, Sabino & Splash patterns or any combination thereof.

  • Pintaloosa pattern: requires a combination of Lp-pattern and pinto pattern parentage.

Since many of the other registries for patterned horses have principally focused on horses for Western-type disciplines or halter horses, IPSHR provides a supportive option for patterned horses desiring a more suitable registry for their type.


The primary goal of IPSHR is to acknowledge and promote horses of patterned lineage that are sport horse in type or can exhibit athletic qualities.


IPSHR is one of the first pattern-based registries to offer inspection of conformation and movement, without excluding horses of any breed or breed combination.  Although inspection of IPSHR registered horses is optional, inspections are generally encouraged and they are required for entry into the advanced IPSHR books


This site is the property of IPSHR, all photos belong to members and are not

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