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This Stallion is listed as a Donation Stallion for breeding purposes. All monies are collected by IPSHR. Once your check clears, you will be put in touch with the Stallion owner and will be sent that owners stallion breeding contract. IPSHR has made every effort to insure you get a quality Stallion with a Reputable Owner. All monies collected are used for the promotion, education and research of Pattern Horses. Thank you!


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Grand Design
True Blue McCue
All Zip & Sparkle
Clear Vision
Nero's Duplicate Design
Northstar Bright Sun
To Non Pattern Stallions

Northstar Bright Sun

1999 Bay Dun Fewspot

Indian Schuffler

He is a 1999 bay (DNA tested heterozygous black/extension, homozygous bay/agouti E/e, A/A) dun few spot stallion who has proven himself not only as a 100% color producer but also as a sire of foals with beautiful conformation and ability and with a large number of his foals inheriting his Indian shuffle.  He is very gentle and sweet.

ApHC 585135 (97% FPD)
ICAA F3-1976
FAHR 602
CRHA 6503P
SBC 1408B
IPAA  F4, 93.75%









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